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    Services & Equipment Repairs
    We can assess your damaged equipment and provide a repair estimate which is often a fraction of the cost of new equipment.

    We provide free estimates either by phone at 905-855-8225, email sales@mlprosports.com or through our contact form which can be found on our “Contact Us” page.

    For a hassle-free assessment simply email a photo of the damage to sales@mlprosports.com. We’ll check it out and provide an estimate for the repair.

    Below is a list of the repair services we offer. We also repair a wide range of equipment for all major sports so please give us a call regarding the repair of items not listed here. We would be pleased to provide a customized quote for specialized repairs.

    Don’t forget to check out our Team & Corporate Wear pages. We offer a large selection of custom jerseys and corporate wear for every sport or company.

    Ice Skate Repairs-Hockey & Figure
    We offer expert skate sharpening for player, goal and figure skates (cross-cut or regular cut).
    Skate repairs include blade replacements, rivet replacements, eyelet repairs and skate boot stretching.

    Inline Skates/Rollerblade Repairs
    Buckle replacement
    Hardboot instep strap repair/replacement.
    Axle replacement.
    Bearing replacement.
    Wheel replacement.

    Hockey Equipment
    Helmet fitting and adjustments. Ear strap, cage clip and missing screw replacement.
    Repair and re-palming of hockey gloves and goalie gloves using fine horsehide leather or synthetic leather.
    Re-lacing of goal catch gloves, installation of "T" trap, and extensions (side trap).
    Repairs and restriping of hockey pants.
    Repairs of shoulder pads, elbow pads, shin pads, hockey girdles, chest protectors, arm pads, hockey socks, sweaters and helmets.
    Goal pad repairs including new toe straps, leg straps, buckles, and re-stuffing where necessary.
    Lengthening goal pads 2 to 6 inches to extend lifespan.

    Baseball Equipment
    Baseball gloves and catcher’s mitts re-lacing, pocket replacement, stitching, new felt padding, etc.
    Bat re-grip with Tacki-mac sleeves or Lizard Skins.
    Helmet hardware repair/replacement, chin and ear straps and snaps.
    Catcher’s masks re-sewing of padding, snaps, elastic and buckles.
    Chest protector repair/replacement of straps, rivets and stitching.
    Bases repaired/recovered, replace straps.
    Shin guard repair/replace straps, stitching and poly replacement parts.
    Shoes pitching toe alterations.

    Lacrosse Equipment
    Lacrosse head stringing.
    Player and goal equipment glove re-plam, replace straps, additional padding, custom alterations, etc.

    Equipment Bags
    General repairs of equipment bags including zippers and sliders.

    Equipment Cleaning & Sanitizing
    We clean, disinfect, and sanitize sports equipment and protective gear from helmets to skates both player and goalie equipment for hockey, football and lacrosse. We also clean, disinfect, and sanitize shoes or cleats.